Little Known Facts About Coconut Oil

The benefits of coconut oil are no doubt for health and even for skin beauty. You can get various kinds of benefits from coconut oil from using it. How to get coconut oil and also how to apply it, which is quite easy, makes coconut oil one of the oils that has many advantages.

Good coconut oil, namely virgin coconut oil (VCO), is non-processed coconut oil. Good coconut oil is extracted from fresh coconut without using additional chemicals and without using high temperatures when processing it. This will keep its natural contents from being lost and damaged.

When compared to ordinary coconut oil or cooking oil derived from copra coconut, virgin coconut oil has better quality. Copra coconut oil will be brownish yellow in color, odorless, and easily rancid, so its shelf life does not last long.

Pure coconut oil contains phenolic compounds, and have the potential to be good antioxidants. It is also contains lauric, capric acid, and caprylic which can support probiotic growth in the digestive tract and function against bad bacteria, fungi, and antibiotic properties.

The abundant natural content in virgin coconut oil certainly provides many benefits for the health of the body. For more details, here are the benefits of virgin coconut oil for health and beauty that we have summarized from various sources.

Coconut oil that is good and has many benefits is virgin coconut oil or VCO. Here are the benefits of virgin coconut oil for body health.

1. Good for diet

The first benefit of virgin coconut oil or VCO is that you can use it for a diet program. You can use VCO oil for cooking or mix it in certain foods.
This virgin coconut oil will help stimulate metabolism, which can cause full longer. The fat contained in virgin coconut oil is also easily destroyed and burned by the body.

2. Polyphenol content for the heart

The next benefit of virgin coconut oil is to keep the heart healthy. The polyphenol content in VCO coconut oil can prevent atherosclerosis, which is hardening of the walls of blood vessels due to the accumulation of fatty plaque on the walls of blood vessels.

3. Reduce Bad Fats

Real coconut oil can reduce bad fats in your body. The function of virgin coconut oil can reduce cholesterol level, bad LDL fats, and triglycerides, and it is proven that it can increase good fats.

4. For diabetes

The next benefit of virgin coconut oil is for diabetes. In coconut oil, The fat acid chains can improve glucose tolerance in the body. In the case of type 2 diabetes, coconut oil is also believed to improve insulin sensitivity.

5. Reducing the risk of Alzheimer

The content of ketones in coconut oil is the origin of its role for brain health. This substance has good effect for maintaining the function of the brain while the body has a lower glucose. Ketones also useful to help to improve memory and have the potential to help people who has Alzheimer.

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